Who Are the RTW Guys?

We’re Michael and Halef – the Round The World Guys! Like you, we just love to travel! To date, we’ve been to over 40 countries each and our goal is to see every one of them – or at least get close. So, we’re planning a Round the World trip. This blog is about the travels we’ve done and how we’re planning our big adventure. It will eventually become the log of what we hope will be a long, rewarding journey. Hopefully, you’ll find some of the information useful.

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Couchsurfing 101

Are you interested in Couchsurfing? We are Couchsurfing experts! We’ve hosted nearly 500 people at our home in Atlanta, which makes us two of the most experienced, well-referenced hosts in the world. Couchsurfing allows us to host other people in our home and stay with them in their homes for free – all over the world. It’s all about cultural exchange and it’s how we’ve been able to travel AND learn so much while on the road. Want to know more? Learn how to create a profile, how to be a good host or guest, plus lots more!

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Travel to Iran

In March 2017, Michael was fortunate to be able to visit Iran. Find out more about the planning process, the hurdles and frustrations he had to go through, all the mistakes he made, and the wonderful visit he had. Lots of pictures, hotel reviews, visa processes for Americans, Canadians, and UK citizens, safety while in Iran, and much more.

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