Edelweiss Boutique Hotel Bali

When I think of a boutique hotel in Bali, I imagine that it will be a trendy hotel for people to stay and experience the place. It will be a small, chic stylish hotel and mainly located in an urban setting. And then there's the Edelweiss Boutique Hotel Bali. The Edelweiss Boutique Hotel is meant to be a destination hotel. However, it feels more like a transit hotel due to its prime location next to the international airport in Bali (where they have a great airport lounge!) and world-famous Kuta Beach. Hotel competition in Bali is fierce, and there are many other great hotels in Bali that can be had for good price and value, namely in Seminyak or even Ubud.

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Edelweiss Boutique Hotel Bali

When I think of a boutique hotel in Bali, I imagine that it will be a trendy hotel for people … Read More

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