Kiev’s Boryspil International Airport is the major hub for international air travel in Ukraine. It is 29 km or about 18 miles east of Kiev City center. There are four active terminals inside Boryspil Airport, and Terminal D is the main international terminal for both arrivals and departures. This Kiev Airport is the main hub for UIA, Ukrainian International Airlines, which operates a big portion of the flights in and out of the airport. Kiev’s International Terminal has a few airport lounges. I stopped at the Business Lounge Kiev to check it out.

There are clear signs throughout the terminal to indicate the locations of the lounges here. All the lounges, including the Business Lounge Kiev, are on the fourth floor after a series of long and desolate hallways from the main terminal. Keep in mind that the main departure gates and terminal are on the third floor of Terminal D.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport couch
Couches in Ukrainian colors

How to get access

I used our Priority Pass membership to access the Lounge. With this membership, you can access two airport lounges in Kiev’s KBP Airport, both of which are operated by the Business Lounge Kiev. One lounge is in the International Terminal D, and the other one is for domestic flights only.

Since all of the lounges on the fourth floor have a very generic names, it’s hard to differentiate them from the hallway. You’ll need to spot the banner of each lounges to see who can access it. In my case, the Business Lounge Kiev has a big banner indicating the Priority Pass logo and membership.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport bartender
Bartender Staff at the Business Lounge Kiev

Business Lounge Kiev check-in

Checking in was a very quick and straight forward process. My Priority Pass card was swiped through the reader, and I had to sign the machine to confirm my membership. This is an accessible lounge, so wheelchairs will easily be able to get in and maneuver around.

Although the lounge is open 24 hours, there is a 3 hour limit for a single visit. The Priority Pass only allows two people per card access. Children under 4 years can come in for free.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport entrance
Business Lounge Kiev entrance

Business Lounge Kiev Layout

The Business Lounge Kiev main seating area is a medium-sized and open single room. It has three rows of low seating couches and coffee tables. These couches are in the Ukrainian colors of blue and yellow. Although the couches are comfortable to sit in, the coffee tables are too low if you need to work on your computer. You may be able to lay down across one of these couches. There is no privacy provided in the Business Lounge Kiev. Everything is open for all to view.

Although not ideal, this Lounge can probably seat around 60 people at a time. There are not many options for seating. The other option is the two business center stations where you can sit at the desk and work on your computer. The main seating area is well-lit with bright ceiling lights.

Updated flight information is available on the flat screen TVs by the front desk. They are clearly visible throughout the business lounge.

There is a very small, limited size bar where all of the cold and hot food selection, as well as any drinks, are available.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport food bar
Small food and drink bar


The staff here is friendly and attentive. During my visit, the main desk personnel was the only one who spoke English. The rest of them were not fluent enough to have a conversation with anyone other than Ukrainians or Russians. Any drinks/bar service requests in English will be understood and served.

Food Selection

During my stay here, they switched from breakfast to lunch. Breakfast included dry cereal, toast, and small deli bites, cheese, fruit salad, and small pastries. When they switched to lunch, hot food options were available – sandwiches, roasted vegetables, and small sausage links. There were a few small things for vegetarians in the food selection.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport breakfast food
Breakfast Menu

Hot or alcoholic drinks must be requested from the bartender. They have a state of the art espresso machine for those who like fancy coffees. You can also ask for hot water for tea.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport food
Food and coffee at the Business Lounge Kiev

Some alcoholic options, including basic beer and limited hard liquor, are available in the Business Lounge Kiev. You can ask the bartender whether your drink is available. There is a small jar for gratuities at the bar station. I saw mostly Ukrainian Hryvnia bills and coins, and several U.S. dollar bills.

Bottled water and limited soda options are available for self-serve from inside the Coca-Cola cooler by the bar.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport cold drinks
Drink bar and cold refrigerator

Staff is very attentive and keeps the food selection well-stocked. They periodically walk around the lounge to pick up any dirty dishes or trash.



Wi-Fi is password protected and there is no problem accessing the connection. It is reasonably fast.

Shower Kit

After requesting a shower at the main desk, you get a shower kit. It includes a pair of slippers, one real towel in good size and condition, a shaving kit, traveling toothpaste/toothbrush, a small bar of soap, and a small bottle of shampoo. As the lady said while giving me the shower kit, “dirty towel lives in the shower”. Leave the dirty towel behind in the shower stall after you’re done.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport shower kit
Shower Kit

The men’s bathroom is a small room, which includes the shower stall. Sink and urinals/toilet are reasonably clean, and there is a custodial stuff who clean them regularly. There is a shoe shine/brushing machine inside the bathrooms as well.


Business Lounge Kiev offers a shower, which you request at the main check-in desk. There are two clean shower stalls in the men’s restroom. But there is only one door to lock. So you either you lock the door to secure these two showers, or to share your changing area with another bather. Wooden hangers are provided for your convenience. These showers are cleaned regularly and are in good order.

business lounge kiev ukraine airport shower
Shower Stall inside Men’s Restroom
Electrical Outlets

Although they are not abundant throughout the lounge, there are a few couches close to the electrical outlets that you can use. As expected, these electrical outlets are European double-rounded prongs.

Business Center

The Lounge offers an area with two cubicles if you opt to work during your stay here. There is a working computer in one and one empty station for your own unit.

business lounge kiev airport business center
Business Center at the Kiev Airport Business Lounge

Leaving the lounge

Although all of Kiev’s airport lounges are on the fourth floor of the terminal, they are not far away from the International D Gates. It took me less than five minutes to reach my Gate – D15.

Don’t forget to fill out the survey form at the end of your visit. They are at the front desk.

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