Istanbul Ataturk Havalimani International Airport (IST) is the biggest and busiest international airport in Turkey. The majority of Turkey’s international visitors arrive here. The Istanbul International Airport is the main hub for Turkish Airlines – and it connects to the second most destinations worldwide. There are a few executive airport lounges in the airport, and one of them is the Comfort Lounge. Here’s a review of our stay at the Comfort Airport Lounge in Istanbul, Turkey.

comfort airport lounge interior
The main seating space inside the Comfort Lounge
How to get to the Comfort Airport Lounge

The airport has two distinct domestic and international terminals. The Comfort Airport Lounge is located in the International Terminal airside, after security and passport control. There are a few executive lounges on the Mezzanine levels, including the HSBC Premier Lounge which is located across from the Comfort Lounge. Keep in mind that you can only access the Comfort Airport Lounge for international flights, since any domestic flight passengers won’t be able to access this secured area.

comfort airport lounge escalator
Comfort Lounge is located on the Mezzanine Level in the International Terminal.
How to get into the Comfort Airport Lounge

Priority Pass has a huge selection of executive airport lounges, and the Comfort Lounge is one of the three lounges you can choose to visit at Istanbul International Airport.

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It’s open 24 hours daily, and has the maximum of 4 hours stay. Children under 7 years old can enter the lounge for free with an accompanying adult.

When you enter the double sliding glass doors to check in, they have a roped off course to the main desk. It is necessary as some visitors just enter the room without checking in. We saw a lady who even tried to walk over the rope to gain access.

The attendant will check you in by verifying your membership, and the process won’t take long.

comfort airport lounge checking in
Checking in at the main desk of the Comfort Lounge

The lounge space is basically one medium-sized room.

The main sitting area consists of long comfortable couches that were slightly too low for our liking. These couches are arranged around coffee tables to set down your cups and plates. They also seem to be the perfect height to rest your feet on – don’t. This is not an ottoman, and there are actually signs to prohibit you from putting your feet on the coffee table. Electric outlets are located between long couches for your electronic devices.

comfort airport lounge interior
The inside of Comfort Lounge

There are a limited number of working stations by the entrance if you prefer to sit at a desk to work on your computer. The room is brightly lit, and you will be able to spot the main beverage bar at the back of the room under the hanging glass orbs. You can order alcoholic beverages from here.

comfort airport lounge bar
Ordering an alcohol beverage at the bar

Next to the bar is the hot beverage counter and food buffet table. There is a secluded dining area and café style tables that can only be spotted once you are standing at the back of the room It’s hidden behind the restrooms and shower area.

Food and Drink

There is a selection on hot food and cold sandwiches, as well as plenty of snack, such as fruits, cookies, and several versions of bite-sized cakes and Turkish delights. (It seems that the whole system of airport lounges order from the same catering company. We visited two lounges on the same day, and they had the exact same hot food.)

For drinks, you can stick with the traditional water, soda, juices, beer, or coffee. Try the Efes Turkish national beer, or the famous thick and full flavored Turkish coffee, which has to be ordered from the bar. They have a special espresso machine for that.

comfort airport lounge food
Food selection at the Comfort Lounge
Extra Amenities at the Comfort Airport Lounge

Here are a few notable amenities inside the Comfort Lounge:

  • Restrooms. They are only two stalls for the whole lounge, and they are unisex. Although they are frequently cleaned, the line of people waiting to use the bathroom can be quite long.
  • Shower. There’s a small shower booth that you can access. A one-time use, clean towels with a very poor quality are provided inside a wooden basket at the stall. They reminded us of the economy class blankets. They don’t absorb water after your shower.
comfort airport lounge shower
Shower at the Comfort Lounge
  • Lockers. Half the back wall of the lounge is dedicated to oversize lockers. They are security-coded and are perfect for your carry-on bags. That is, when the codes work. Michael was at this lounge on a separate occasion and half the lockers were broken. We noticed that a lot of bags are still spotted within the waiting area between couches and chairs. Probably because the locks were broken on the lockers.
comfort airport lounge lockers
Lockers at the Comfort Lounge
  • Wi-Fi. It is reliable, and password protected. You’ll receive a username and password when you are admitted into the lounge.
Things to consider

The well-lit room is bright enough to keep you awake in this cozy lounge. Keep in mind that since every user is within a single room space, it can be extra loud at times, especially if they are fully occupied, which I think they probably are. Get your Priority Pass here and get access to this lounge today!

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Comfort lounge Istanbul

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