We’ve been members of Couchsurfing since 2006 and we are both City Ambassadors in Atlanta. Before the company incorporated a few years ago, Halef was a member of the worldwide Member Dispute and Safety Team. We’ve both hosted forums for new members in Atlanta and we organize meet-ups in the city when we can. We’re Couchsurfing experts and can help you with lots of great Couchsurfing tips! We’ve hosted nearly 500 people. From Nashville to Indonesia and everywhere in between, we’ve stayed with dozens of people the world over.

Couchsurfing tips: Halef, Jakob, and Patrick at a local Atlanta restaurant.
Eat like a local: Halef with Jakob and Patrick
Couchsurfing connects you to the local culture

And you know what? It’s all free! But that’s not even the best part. Couchsurfing offers you a way to connect with locals around the world. Most Couchsurfers are very cool people who want you to experience their city – not just visit the main tourist traps and leave. They want you to really feel like you go to know their hometowns. When you stay with a good Couchsurfer, you’ll feel like you really experienced what it’s like to be a local. So, are you tired of eating at McDonald’s or chain restaurants in the cities you visit? Do you want to see where the people who live in countries and cities far and wide really like to eat, drink, and go for entertainment?

If you do, then staying with locals is definitely the way to go! Eventually, you’ll have a friend in every city. And who knows? You might even be the one giving Couchsurfing tips to your friends down the road!

Couchsurfing tips - stay with locals and meet travelers

Couchsurfing tips you’ll learn here

Here, you’ll learn how to create a profile and how to write a request that has the best chance of getting you a host. Using our Couchsurfing tips will give you ideas about how to be a good host yourself and how to be a good guest from people who’ve done it hundreds of times! We’ll also feature interviews with Couchsurfing members from around the world on occasion.

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Create a Couchsurfing Profile

Your profile is your resume. Like a job application, if all you give an employer is the absolute basics, you’re not going to get the job. It’s the same with Couchsurfing. Learn to write a kick-ass Couchsurfing profile so that, even if you’re new, people who want to stay with you or host you at their home will know that you take Couchsurfing seriously. If you’ve never requested someone’s couch before, read this first. You’ll see how to create a really great profile that stands out.

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Write Effective Requests

To stay with locals, you have to create a Couch request. There’s really nothing more off-putting than getting a note from a Couchsurfer with “Hey dude!” – or worse yet, the wrong name altogether. Your request is your “pitch.” Why should someone host you?

We’ve surfed in dozens of cities around the U.S. and around the world. South Africa, Indonesia, all over Europe, and more! We rarely get turned down, even in busy cities. We’ll teach you how to write Couch requests that get accepted!

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How to Host

Couchsurfing is not just about staying with others. It’s about hosting them, too. We’ve hosted around 500 people, making us two of the most active Couchsurfers in the world. We have a pretty good idea about how to be good hosts. Here, you’ll see what works well for us. We think you’ll find our tips useful and you can incorporate them with your unique ideas. Whatever you do, we think there are some basics to consider before you start hosting.

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How to Surf

You found a host. You’re ready to take off on your trip. But you’ve never surfed before. Or, if you did, you’re not sure if you did it “right.” Well, there is no “correct” way to be a good CS guest, but we have some tips for you based on our travels and surfing in dozens of places around the world!

How to be a good Couchsurfing Guest