Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport has recently picked up a major boost in air travel. The majority of this traffic comes from budget airlines, such as Southwest Airlines and Jetblue Airlines, which decided to make Ft. Lauderdale Airport their regional hub airport. Ft. Lauderdale Airport is also the largest Spirit Airlines hub, connecting to many Caribbean and South American destinations. But Delta Airlines presence in this airport is still strong, and it maintains a small, but significant, Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Fort Lauderdale International Airport is located 30 miles north of the congested Miami International Airport, or less than 40 minute drive without any traffic.

The Delta Sky Club in Ft. Lauderdale International Airport is located in the center of Terminal 2, next to the gate information center. It is clearly marked with many signs to send you to the right direction. The main entrance is somewhat hidden in the quiet hallway next to the public airport bathrooms.

Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale entrance
Entrance to the Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale

Accessing Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale

Certain American Express Card memberships, as well as Delta Elite Status allows passengers to access its Delta Sky Club at Ft. Lauderdale Airport. If you fly on a Delta First Class flights or Delta One, they may give you an invitation to use this convenient lounge.

However, if you don’t have status or complimentary access, you can purchase the day pass for $59 at the front desk. Certain Amex credit cards will allow additional guests either for free or at a discounted rate of $29. The Delta Sky Club staff can assist you if you have any questions.

Another approach is to get a Delta Sky Club membership. There are two options for the membership: Executive Membership and Individual Membership. Annual costs are $745 and $495 respectively. You can pay in full or in monthly installments of $65/$45 for the year. If you prefer to do so, you can use SkyMiles to pay the fee: 70,000/47,000 miles will do it. You can find the exact rules to sign up at the official Delta Sky Club page here.

If you own the American Express Platinum card, you are also welcome to use this lounge as long as you have a same-day Delta boarding pass. You can use our affiliate link to apply for your Amex Platinum credit card.

Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale main desk
Main check in desk

Business Lounge Layout

Delta First Class Lounge in Fort Lauderdale is a very small business lounge, although the layout of the seating and food is strategic to maximize space. After checking in at the main desk on the right side of the hallway, the space opens up to the main waiting area.

The food and beverages, including cold drinks, alcohol, coffee, and other hot drinks, are located next to each other. They are adjacent to the front desk, and stretched through the bar and the end of the room.

The seating consists mostly of individual sofas, with a few cafe-style tables and chairs. When we visited the Delta Lounge in the morning, the lighting was kind of dark with a few of futuristic ultraviolet color lights.

Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale main lounge
Main Lounge of the Delta Sky Club FLL

Food and drink selection

The selection of food was quite small, especially during the breakfast, when we visited. There is toast, cereal and bagels that can be heated up in the industrial toaster, as well as sliced fruit and yogurt. It seems like the food selection fit the standard of the rest of the Delta Sky Clubs we’ve been to around the nation.

The staff does a great job making sure that none of the food ran out.

Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale breakfast
Breakfast at the Delta Sky Club

The lounge has a nice coffee machine for making espresso drinks, like shots, lattes, and cappuccinos. In the morning, two additional carafes are provided for regular coffee and decaf coffee. Delta partners with Starbucks, and serves Starbucks coffee at all of their Sky Clubs. If you’re a fan, you’ll like that they also include flavor syrups and non-dairy creamers like almond and soy milk.

For non-coffee drinkers, they have lots of tea for you.

Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale coffee
Coffee and hot beverage bar


The Delta Sky Club in Ft Lauderdale Airport is a small first class lounge, and the amenities provided here are pretty standard. Here are a few things that they offer at the business lounge.


This Delta Sky Club provides a selection of local and nationwide newspapers. A few other publications, such as National Geographic magazines and the current Delta Sky Magazines are available as well.


The lounge has a bar, of course. As is the case with almost all Delta Sky Clubs in the nation, they provide complimentary drinks, such as local beer and wine. Premium liquor are available for extra cost. Don’t forget to add a tip for the bartender. An acceptable tip is about $1 per drink.

Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale bar
Bar inside the Delta Sky Club
Bathrooms and showers

There are bathrooms inside the lounge. But there are, unfortunately, no shower facilities in this Sky Club.


Wi-Fi is available and password protected. The password changes at Delta Sky Clubs every couple of weeks. But Delta always posts those passwords throughout the lounge. The connection is reliable, and fast.

Business and Workstations

There are a few work stations and desks in a quiet room where passengers can work. A printer is also available if you need it. Ask the people at the front desk if you require access to the printer here.

Delta Sky Club in Fort Lauderdale business
Working stations in a secluded room

Things to consider

A quicker hop for the Florida Keys destinations

If you are planning on renting a car to drive south to the Florida Keys, it might be a cheaper option to fly into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Airport than to Miami. It is much less congested, and traffic is more direct to the I-95, which is the road that will take you to US-1 highway to the Florida Keys. We’ve flown to FLL Airport several times to go Scuba Diving in Key Largo.

More on Airport Lounges

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Delta doesn’t accept Priority Pass

We love Delta Sky Clubs. But when we travel outside the US (or in airports where Delta is not a major presence in the US) we use our Priority Pass for airport lounge access.

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Delta Sky Clubs don’t accept Priority Pass; however, we recommend getting one. Priority Pass is accepted in more than 1000 airport lounges around the world!

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