Liveaboard Reviews

We love diving so much, so that we try to take liveaboard trips whenever possible and when our budget allows it. If you are a diver who has never done a liveaboard, then you really should. It’s the ultimate way to dive. Trips can be anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks or more. On those trips, you can do 3-5 dives a day. Eat. Sleep. Dive. That’s the rule!

For us, the best part of a liveaboard is that everything is taken care of – you set your equipment up once and that’s it. All your food is provided, and on some boats, even drinks are included. You’ll meet amazing people, have great food and, most importantly, you’ll dive a lot and see amazing things!

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Dive Photography

A few years ago, we purchased a GoPro (series 1) and we’ve never looked back. Underwater photography is even more special to us than above-ground because we’re able to show people things most of them have never seen before. Michael currently uses a Sony RX100 Mark 4 in a FantaSea housing. He bought it after taking an underwater photography course on the Raja Ampat Aggressor. The instructor loaned him his camera and Michael fell in love with it and bought it as soon as he returned home. For the past couple of years now, Michael has been taking dive photos everywhere he goes.

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Other Diving Posts

Obviously, we don’t just do liveaboards. That would be prohibitively expensive for us. And we have lots more to share than just reviews and photos. Here, you’ll find posts that don’t fit neatly into one of the above categories. From diving that we do apart from liveaboards, to equipment, planning for liveaboards, packing, diving insurance, and more.

We hope you enjoy these posts. Perhaps you may even learn something from our experience by reading them!

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