The Fardis Hotel Tehran is a nice little hotel located in the downtown part of the city. I stayed there for three nights during my visit to Iran. The rooms at the hotel are about what you might expect at a budget hotel in the United States. My room was quite clean and comfortable.

Fardis hotel Tehran - my room
My room

Fardis Hotel Tehran Quick Facts

  • $55 US per night for a room with one bed
  • Free breakfast, including:
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Tomatoes and cucumber
    • Fruit
    • Tea
    • No coffee that I could find
    • Various juices
    • 2-3 types of Iranian bread (very good!)
    • Cream cheese
    • Breakfast meats
  • Free water in your room
  • Chinese restaurant (that I did not use)
Fardis hotel Tehran - breakfast

The area

This hotel is located about a ten minute walk from the former US embassy. It’s also just a 5 minute walk from a main street where you will find various merchants selling everything from nuts and fruits to shoes and jeans. I only spent evenings here, so I didn’t get out much (see below); however, there seems to be plenty of things to do in this area.

Like all rooms in this Islamic Republic, the Fardis Hotel Tehran has an arrow on the ceiling pointing to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Fardis hotel Tehran - Direction to Mecca
Direction to Mecca

One of the things I really liked about this hotel was that I had a nice view from my room. This was at the beginning of my trip, so I wasn’t sure what I could do by myself, so I spent quite a bit of my time in the room for the first night. After that though, I took a walk towards a more popular area at night to try to find something to eat.

Fardis hotel Tehran - view from my room
View from my room

Unfortunately, I didn’t find much. Not because there wasn’t vegetarian food to be had; rather, because all the signs were obviously in Farsi and I was unprepared – my fault – to ask about vegetarian food. I thought I would be with a guide the entire time and wouldn’t need to know. Mistake. It turns out that I had quite a bit more free time without a guide than I thought I would. So I ate a bag of pistachios! They were great!

Smoking in Hotels in Iran

One downside that I discovered with all the hotels in Iran I stayed in was that smoking is allowed. There is always an ashtray in your room and you can smell the smoke. These rooms were all booked for me by an agency, so I really didn’t have a choice where I stayed. If you have any issues with smoke sensitivity, tell your tour operator and ask to be booked in a smoke-free room, if available.

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