Welcome to our recipes and cooking classes section! On this page, we’ll share with you some of the favorite recipes we’ve collected from around the world. We’ll also review the cooking classes we’ve participated in on our travels.

Food helps you to experience a place

We love food and, for us, it’s one of the biggest parts of traveling. Looking back on our travel experiences, food and traveling often go hand in hand. Simply put, travel and food are always intertwined. We love eating street food, as well as trying out new restaurants for local flavors, cultures, and customs from the places we’ve visited. And we generally don’t do the expensive stuff. The recipes and cooking classes that we share with you are almost always very reasonably-priced. Anyone can do them. In our opinion, some of the best food in the world comes from places that are nothing more than a vendor with a cart on the street or a small restaurant in a back alley.

food - cooking class in Ubud, Bali
Our cooking class in Ubud, Bali
Vegetarian recipes and cooking classes

Michael is a vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t experience a place through his taste buds. We’ve turned into creative souls that discover how to fulfill the desire to taste a place through a vegetarian lifestyle. In our travels, we always try to find vegetarian-friendly places. Sometimes, it’s a challenge, but it’s one that is usually easy to overcome. We’ve discovered that, most times, all you need to do is ask and a restaurateur or vendor will make your meal a vegetarian meal. And most cooking classes we’ve done or researched these days tend to have vegetarian options.

Bonding over food

Food is one thing that everybody in the world has in common. Everywhere you go, food is a great way to break the ice, and eventually turn into an experience of the new place with locals. We’ve bonded with locals through food in our travels. From camping out with the Bedouin in a Jordanian desert, to attending a cooking class in Ubud, Bali, and everything in between. We have experienced many ways to appreciate how locals welcome visitors through food and drink. It is a big part on how we have fallen in love with the people and places we’ve visited.

Food - in the desert in Petra, Jordan
Bonding over food with the Bedouins in Petra, Jordan
What you’ll find in our food section

On this page, we’ll share with you some of the favorite recipes and cooking classes we’ve discovered in the places we’ve visited. Our list is small, so far, but that will change. Expect it to grow as we start blogging our experiences around the world.

Do you have a great recipe that you want to share? Have you attended any cooking classes that you love and recommended? Or are you embracing your desire for inspiration from  great food pictures and recipes?

Experience the tastes of a country just as much as you do the sights and sounds!


World Recipes

We collect recipes. When we visit a place and taste something delicious, we either ask for the recipe or fiddle around in our own small kitchen to find a very close approximation. Here, you’ll find some of our favorites. Most of these recipes use ingredients you have in your home or that you can find fairly easily in an international grocery. And even if you can’t find what you need, try substituting. It’ll often still taste great! Try out one of these excellent recipes for your next meal!

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Cooking Classes

Everywhere we go, and if our budget permits, we try to attend a local cooking class. The best classes are the ones that teach you how different local ingredients come together to create a fantastic meal. We love these classes for how much fun they can be and for the people you meet. And the great thing is – more and more cooking classes are offering vegetarian options as well.

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