Budapest is a great destination for backpackers. The capital of Hungary is still one of Europe’s cheapest major cities, and Budapest Card, the official Budapest tourism City Pass, can be a useful tool to save your money even further. The city is well-equipped to cater any type of traveler – from big spenders to budget backpackers. As a result, there are many options for Budapest budget accommodations, and the competition is fierce. If you are wondering about where to stay in Budapest for budget travelers, you will find our accommodation in Budapest section to be helpful, as we have several great youth hostel options to consider. Here’s our review of the Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest.

Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest is one of the city’s newest additions. It is dubbed Budapest’s first Design Hostel, and it succeeds well in meeting that standard.

full moon design hostel budapest main area
Colorful Full Moon Design Hostel lobby

Full Moon Hostel Location

Full Moon Design Hostel is located on the “Pest” side of the city. It’s just a few blocks away from some of Budapest’s famous landmarks, such as the Parliament Building and Margaret Island on the Danube River. Szent István krt, or Saint Stephens Street, where the hostel is located, is one of the major streets in the city. There are public transportation options, such as bus and light rail, along this street to get you to places in Budapest. The nearest metro station of Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Railway Station) is roughly a 7 minute walk from the hostel.

Full Moon Hostel signs are highly visible from the street. Once you find the building, proceed to the second level (in Europe, that would be the first floor) of the building, where you’ll find the hostel’s main desk.

Morrison 2 Club is located on the ground level of the building. If you are looking for Budapest party scene, then one of the benefits of staying at the Full Moon Design Hostel is that you get a VIP Entrance pass for the club. Morrison 2 is open every night, although there are bigger parties on the weekend.

full moon design hostel budapest outside
Full Moon Hostel curb appeal

Full Moon Design Hostel check-in

The main desk of the Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest is open 24 hours a day, meaning you can arrive at any time, day and night. There’s a set checkout time on the day of your departure; however, you may arrange a late check out by 2pm for an extra 5 Euros.

You may book the Full Moon Design Hostel using our affiliate link. (Please note: When you use our link, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

Room Layout

The main lobby and living quarters of this Budapest hostel occupy a big open room with tall ceilings. Here, you can see the carefully designed colorful interiors with big couches and work stations. It all flows into the dining room and kitchen and into individual rooms and dorms.

Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest offers private rooms and dorm style rooms with different bed arrangements. All of the rooms have its own private bathrooms inside the rooms, which are quite nice, as you can see.

full moon design hostel budapest bathroom
Each room has its own private bathroom

Private room options include a VIP double room, double room, and triple room. In addition to private rooms, apartments for longer stays are also available. These may include a small private kitchen inside the unit and a TV.

Dorm rooms are available in groups of four, six, and eight beds. I stayed in an 8-bed dorm, which had a high ceiling and hardwood floors. We had our own bathroom inside our room, which includes a shower and a toilet. Did I mention that this is a newly opened hostel? The whole area is clean and new.

All rooms include air-conditioning. You can ask for your room’s AC remote at the front desk.

Clean sheets and pillowcases come with the room. Towels are available at the front desk for a 5€ deposit. The bunk beds are very sturdy and easy to climb. Each bed has its own reading lamp, as well as electronic outlets for charging your devices. There are lockers that are big enough to secure fairly large luggage.

full moon design hostel budapest dorm room
Half of the 8 dorm room

Full Moon Hostel Amenities

Free Entry to Morrison 2 Club

It is located below the hostel, and you will be able to enter as a VIP guest for free for your Budapest nightlife party experience!

Package deals

Planning on doing a few things in Budapest? If you’re staying at the Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest, you need to check out the package deal to combine the two activities. They have a wide selection, including the day at the famous Szechenyi Baths, an Escape room, and paintball, to name a few. Check out their official page for more. Unfortunately the price is not a great savings for budget travelers. Or consider of purchasing the Budapest Card, the official Budapest travel card.

Security staff

On weekends, there are big parties downstairs at the Morrison 2 Club. During this time, the Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest employs security personnel at the main desk. His main job is to make sure non-guests staying outside the hostel. In addition to this, there is security outside the main building entrance to screen party-goers. If you are a guest of the hostel, just mention that you are not going to the club and they will wave you through.

Kitchen and Dining Room

They are big, new, clean, and great for cooking and eating. As usual, you must clean up after yourself. Any food items stored inside the hostel’s fridge must be labeled with a name and check-out date.

full moon design hostel budapest dining

Dining room


The Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest offers a very basic breakfast for an additional fee. You can purchase it at the front desk for 4.80€ per person per night. It includes small pastries, sandwiches, and coffee.  Breakfast is offered every day from 8:30-11:30am.

Food, snacks, and beverages

The front desk has stuff like chocolate bars, snacks, candy, and sodas for sale at any time of the day and night. They only accept cash, either in Euros or Hungarian Forinth.

Towel and hair dryers

Towels and hair dryers are available on the front desk. Although they are free to use, they require a deposit. You will need to put down 5€ for a towel, and 10€ for a hairdryer. Cash only.


Wi-Fi is password protected and works perfectly. It is fast.

Public computer

There is a public computer available for guests’ use on a first come-first-served basis. It is located inside the lobby and living quarters. This is where you’ll also find many brochures and coupons for things to see in Budapest.

full moon design hostel budapest computer
Computer workstation inside the lobby
Event Rooms

The Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest also offers a rental room for your events, such as bachelorette or stag parties and even weddings. You can also order food or snacks with the rental room. Contact them directly for more information on specific rooms, prices, and details.

No Smoking Inside

All the rooms at Full Moon Design Hostel are non-smoking and you cannot smoke anywhere inside the hostel. If you want to smoke, you have to step outside. You can also smoke on the upper level.

Other things to consider

Full Moon Design Hostel is a party hostel

For many travelers, this is exactly what they’re looking for – a place to hang out with and to meet new people. The Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest offers several different options for you, including a pub crawl, which includes the famous Ruin Bars and the Morrison 2 Club below the hostel. And when you’re tired from the late night pub crawl, you only go to your bed above to sleep. I stayed on the regular room and did not experience any noise disturbance from the party downstairs.

So consider requesting a quiet room

I happened to stay at the Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest on a Friday night, and the party downstairs was in full swing inside the Morrison 2 nightclub. When booking a dorm bed, you might want to consider requesting a quieter room on the 2nd floor of the hostel, which is located on the third level of the building (as per the European standard of labelling a building’s floors).

What about accessibility?

There is an elevator in the building which can accommodate a wheelchair as well as most people who have physical limitations. Rooms and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

full moon design hostel budapest elevator
Elevator inside the building

At a Glance

You may book the Full Moon Design Hostel using our affiliate link.

Full Moon Design Hostel

Szent István krt. 11
Budapest, 1055 Hungary
Phone: +36 1 792 9045
Fax: +36-1-792-57-65
Cell phone/Whatsapp/Viber: +36-30-32-66-888
Skype: fullmoonhostelbp

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