The Hotel Eram Shiraz is located right in the city center, so it is close to pretty much anything you’ll want to do here. Nearby attractions include the Vakil Complex, Kharim Khan Citadel & Pars Museum. The hotel has various types of rooms, from single, to doubles and triples. Each room has a modern, card-entry door lock and is very clean. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the airport, and to drive to both the Saadi tomb and Hafez mausoleum is pretty quick as well.

Hotel Eram Shiraz Double room - (photo credit Lets Go Iran)
Double room – (photo credit Lets Go Iran)

The street the hotel is located on has lots of restaurants and coffee shops. So if you’re hungry or need a coffee, you’ll have no problem in this area.

Hotel Eram Shiraz Quick Facts
  • $60 US per night for a room with two beds
  • Free breakfast, including:
    • Fried Eggs
    • Tomatoes and cucumber
    • Espresso coffee
    • Orange juice
    • Toast
    • Bread (Iranian and “regular”)
    • Jams and jellies
    • Breakfast meat that I swear looked like ham
The food
Hotel Eram Shiraz restaurant (photo credit Lets Go Iran)
Hotel Eram restaurant (photo credit Lets Go Iran)

I will say that this was my least favorite breakfast in Iran. At best, it was passable. At worst, it was poorly cooked. The staff here didn’t seem to care. Everything was very rished, a contrast to almost everywhere else I’ve been. The upside is that the coffee was very good. And, for me, that’s what breakfast is all about! If you’re looking for a nice, sit down breakfast that is well cooked, I’d suggest finding a restaurant elsewhere and eating there.


The hotel has Wi-FI, but it is spotty in the rooms. It’s free, but once you hit the preset limit (I believe it’s 250MB per day), you’re out of luck. Be sparing in your use here.

The Hotel Eram Shiraz could definitely use an update, but it is clean, affordable, and very safe. And aside from the staff in the dining area, everyone was friendly and helpful.

Hotel Eram Shiraz Contact Information

Hotel Eram
Zand Ave, Shiraz

Smoking in Hotels in Iran

One downside that I discovered with all the hotels in Iran I stayed in was that smoking is allowed. There is always an ashtray in your room and you can smell the smoke. These rooms were all booked for me by an agency, so I really didn’t have a choice where I stayed. If you have any issues with smoke sensitivity, tell your tour operator and ask to be booked in a smoke-free room, if available.

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