Have you ever written letters to the Easter Bunny to make sure that you are not forgotten on Easter morning? Have your parents ever taken your letter to the post office, bought postage, and sent those letters on their journey down the bunny trail?

Although Peter Cottontail does not live there, many of these letters unsurprisingly end up at the post office on Easter Island. That’s right. Every year, thousands of letters addressed to the Easter Bunny – who obviously lives on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean – end up at the Isla de Pascua, Chile Correos.

Rapa Nui Post Office
Rapa Nui Post Office by Aram Kudurshian (CC license)

The Easter Island Post Office

The Easter Island post office is one of the most remote functional post offices in the world. The one on Antarctica is the other contender. Like any other building on Easter Island, it’s a small, nondescript building. It’s where the Easter Bunny dutifully goes every year to pick up his stacks of letters, written by children from around the world.

Most tourists don’t even make it to this place, except to mail a touristy “I’ve been to Easter Island” postcard or to get a novelty passport stamp (which can be obtained by giving a small donation). Being a stamp collector, of course I came here every day during my stay to have my travel journal stamped and canceled. It’s a routine for me when I travel. Read here for more on that.

A souvenir sheet from Easter Island – cancelled with the souvenir passport stamp

Letters to the Easter Bunny on Display

Inside this unceremonial post office, a bulletin board displays several handwritten letters from children all over the world, along with the envelopes they came in and their return addresses. The majority of these letters to the Easter Bunny are from English-speaking countries like the USA and UK. I saw some of the addresses on these envelopes. Most had “Isla de Pascua” or “Easter Island” added to them by the originating post office. That’s why they ended up here.

A bulletin board with letters to the Easter Bunny on display.
A bulletin board with letters to the Easter Bunny. You can adopt any of these letters!

The funny thing about them is that all of these letters to the Easter Bunny are waiting to be “adopted!” That’s right! You can actually adopt one or two of these letters. When you do, it’s your responsibility to write a friendly note back to the child on behalf of the Easter Bunny! For a day, your claim to fame will be that you served as Easter Bunny Public Relations!

letters to the Easter Bunny from Seattle
A letter from Seattle to Easter Bunny!

Now you have a mission:

If you ever make the journey to Easter Island, you have to stop by the island post office. The Easter Bunny will appreciate your help when you “adopt” a letter and send it back to a child on his behalf!

And let’s be honest, it’s a pretty fun travel story to tell later.

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4 thoughts on “Letters to the Easter Bunny – on Easter Island

  1. Did you adopt a letter? This is such a cute story. Also, love the idea of getting your travel journal canceled in each place you visit.

  2. Good job! Thanks for such interesting stuff as I had been able to find here. I agree with much of what is written the following and I am going to be returning to this website again.

  3. Ha Ha. I would love to visit this post office at this quaint place called the Easter Island. I just went to Santa’s Office in Lapland last month 🙂

  4. This is soo fascinating. Adopting a letter is hilarious and yet a wonderful idea. If I ever visit Easter Island, I am definitely coming to this place and adopting one or two letters!

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