In early 2017, Priority Pass added another lounge in the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Because the lion’s share of lounges inside Atlanta Airport belong to Delta, the Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport was a welcome addition.

At the time of writing, Priority Pass holders can only access two out of the 30-plus lounges inside Atlanta International Airport. Read our review of the other Priority Pass lounge, the Club at ATL. If you are a Delta fanatic and have access, you can also read our reviews of Delta Sky Club Lounges at the Atlanta Airport.

Minute suites at atlanta airport entrance
Minute Suites Atlanta Entrance

The Minute Suites are a small chain of airport lounges with only three locations in the United States: Atlanta, Dallas and Philadelphia. All three are part of the growing Priority Pass network, which gives Priority Pass holders free access to more than 1000 airport lounges around the world.

Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport offers a quiet corner inside the busy terminal where you can escape the stress and relax for awhile. The motto of the Minute Suites is ’Nap Relax Work’. The idea came from the Japanese capsule hotel, where anybody can go to find some privacy, rejuvenate, and feel well rested. This brilliant idea finally came to fruition in 2009. This is one of the most unique airport lounges you can access with your Priority Pass membership.

Location of the Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport

The Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport is located airside in Concourse B, across from gate B16. It is an ideal location for an airport executive lounge, and relatively easy to find. It is marked with bright white signs that are visible from the main concourse. But you may accidentally walk by it, due to its small real estate footprint. It is located right next to the Currency Exchange.

Minute suites at atlanta airport hallway
A very short hallway to house five rooms

Checking in

The Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport sits on a very small square footage of this massive airport. They offer only five rooms, so you may have to wait until one of them is empty. All of the rooms are named after things related to Atlanta and the South. I was assigned the Cypress room, which is the middle room on the right side of the lounge. I also saw the Atlanta Room, as well as the Magnolia Room and two others.

When you approaching the front desk, you are invited to stay quiet throughout your stay here. The Minute Suites motto of Nap Relax Work is imprinted into the front desk.

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The staff at Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport are friendly and helpful. In order to check in, you must provide them your Priority Pass, a photo ID, and a credit card for any additional charges you may incur. She then walks you to your assigned room, briefly describes the amenities, and shuts the door behind you.

Priority Pass holders can stay one hour for free. Any additional time is $28/hour. A card holder may bring three more guests for free, although the small room may not be comfortable with more than two people.

Minute suites at atlanta airport main desk
Minute Suites Check In Front Desk

Minute Suites room layout

Each room in the Minute Suites have real doors to guarantee complete privacy. A typical room at the Minute Suites is small, measuring around 8 feet by 9 feet. Inside the room, there is a sofa bed with a pull out bottom, two clean pillows, and a fresh soft down blanket. There is a small work table, as well as a wall-mounted 32” flat screen TV with DirecTV. There is also a computer keyboard and small mini bar.

Minute suites at atlanta airport desk
TV and working station desk

You can dim the sconce lights inside the room. You also have total control of your own thermostat – each room is equipped with an easy to control temperature. I personally like a colder room, so I can crank it down to a super chilled room, which is a very valuable asset to have inside a lounge.

On a corner, an electronic alarm clock can remind you to either check out of your Minute Suites room or to catch your flight. They also provide two wooden coat hangers, a gesture for you to dress down and relax and enjoy the space. In addition to these, there is a box of tissue, as well as a few outlets where you can charge your electronics.

Food and drink at the Minute Suites

Your Priority Pass membership does not include any free drinks or food at Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport. Expect to pay $2.25 for regular Dasani bottled water. For the “relaxing” Sky Water though, one small bottle cost $4.99, two for $9.00 and the package deal of all three for $12.

Minute suites at atlanta airport expensive water $4.99
Sky Water package deal (I’m sure they WOULD be happy to add this outrageous charge!)

Other Information

Strictly speaking, there are almost no amenities offered in the Minute Suites. Here’s the rundown:

  • Bathroom/shower: None. To use the bathroom, you have to go out into busy Concourse B. There goes your Zen.
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is password protected and fast (probably because not many people use it at one time). The password is on the same card as the list of TV channels.
  • Medicines, etc: The focus of the Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport is stress relief. At check in, you’ll notice that nearly the entire front desk is covered with stress relief medicines, as well as Advil, other headache medication, and more for sale. You can even buy tampons.
  • Hours of operations: The Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport are open 24 hours a day.
  • Overnight stay: If you must stay inside the Atlanta airport and opt to stay at the Minute Suites, you can block an 8-hr stay and pay the flat fee of $151. You have to check in between 8pm and 1am in order to get this deal.


The Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport was swamped as soon as it was added to the Priority Pass membership. Although I understand that it is physically impossible to deep clean the rooms after each visit, overall, the room I stayed in felt very word. The furniture and carpet can use an upgrade or replacement.

The leather couch in the Cypress Room where I stayed was very worn out. In some areas of the carpet, it felt sticky. There are small corners of the floor where vacuum cleaner can’t reach. It shows.

Minute suites at atlanta airport worn out furniture
Worn out furniture

Overall it is a great concept, and definitely a comfortable amenity. I would use it again with my free one hour access of Priority Pass, but definitely not if I had to pay.

Minute suites at atlanta airport Halef relaxing
Relaxing at the Minute Suites Atlanta

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