We write a lot about Priority Pass, which is a program that gets you access to over 1,000 lounges at airports around the world. We love it and we think you should get one – especially if you travel a lot like we do. There is nothing quite like going to an international airport and knowing that there’s almost certainly a place to relax, eat decent food, and have a beer or glass of wine – all for free. One of the places Priority Pass gets you into is the Minute Suites at Philadelphia International Airport.

It’s currently the only Priority Pass option. There are no Priority Pass Lounges in PHL.

minute suites at philadelphia international airport - Michael in his room
My room – the Fairmont

This is the second Minute Suites we’ve been to. There is also a Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport that we’ve reviewed here.

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The Minute Suites are a small chain of airport “lounges” with only three locations in the United States: Atlanta, Dallas and Philadelphia. All three are part of the growing Priority Pass network, which gives Priority Pass holders free access to more than 1000 airport lounges around the world.

Minute Suites are sort of an adaptation of the Japanese Capsule Hotel – places to stay for a little while to relax and rest.

Minute Suites Location

The suites in Philadelphia are located at the intersection of the A and B terminals (the A/B connector) near all of the shopping areas, just tucked around the corner across from the moving sidewalk. It doesn’t have a large storefront, so keep an eye out for it or you might accidentally walk right by. Inside is different. There is an entire hallway full of suites, so there is usually more than one available.

minute suites at philadelphia international airport hallway
The hallway, organized by street names. There were lots of suites available.


Priority Pass members receive one hour of free access, and then can pay an additional discounted rate of $28 per hour for access. I believe that the regular rate is over $40 per hour, with discounts if you buy more time. There is also an 8 hour limit on your stay.

The 8 hour day rate is $160.

The 8 hour overnight rate is $160.

The receptionist will also take a credit card for any incidentals you might use during your stay – water, food, board games, etc.

Checking in

When you arrive, simply present your Priority Pass card, your ID, and a credit card for extras. If you’re bringing a guest, that person doesn’t need to give any information. The process is pretty simple.

Minute Suites at Philadelphia International Airport is staffed by students from Temple University’s  School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. They were very friendly.

My only issue here was one particular staff member. She was nice enough, but she was very paranoid about my camera. When I took a picture of the items for sale while she was swiping my cards, she was startled, “What are you doing? Can I help you?”

On my second visit, when Halef accompanied me with his camera, she blocked him in the hallway and asked him what he was doing. She seemed more like a security guard than a receptionist who is supposed to try to make you feel welcomed. It was a bit weird. I’m used to people being curious about a camera and filming – but not to the point of paranoia.

Minute Suites Experience

minute suites at philadelphia international airport sofa
Sadly, this sofa/bed didn’t come with a sheet or blanket

When you walk into your assigned suite, you’ll notice that it includes a leather sofa, a desk, a television with Cable (or maybe satellite), an alarm clock, and a mini bar. It’s a small room – about 8 x 9 feet. The couch is large enough for two people to sit on or sleep on. If you want to sleep two though, you have to pull out the extension from the bottom.

Something to note about Minute Suites – with the exception of the Minute Suites at DFW, they have no bathrooms. It would really be nice not to have to walk out to the busy concourse to use a restroom.

minute suites at philadelphia international airport television and keyboard
Minute Suites has a television and a desk to work at

I tried to nap while I was there for an hour. I thought the sofa was too uncomfortable to do so. Perhaps if I had a really long day I’d have an easier time. Oh, and while they do include pillows, there was no blanket offered (unlike in Atlanta). None that we could find anyway – and we visited twice during our time in Philadelphia.

Food and Drinks

Unlike in a regular lounge, your Priority Pass does not include food or drink. Minute Suites are like expensive hotels – if you want to drink the liquor or water, or eat the candy, you have to pay for it. So beware of just opening something without checking the price first.

minute suites at philadelphia international airport water and other stuff
You will pay for everything you use


Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy my time here. While I only experienced one suite – others may be better – my suite was loud. I could hear people talking in the concourse and at the front desk. The worst part though was the jet noise. Every time a jet would take off, my suite would vibrate.

We did not have this experience at the Minute Suites in Atlanta. And again, this may only affect the suites on a certain side of the complex and I was unlucky.

(Apparently, the suites have white noise generators, which I obviously missed!)

Is it worth it?

Well, if you are a napper who can get to sleep easily, sure. I don’t think an hour here makes a lot of sense though. And paying $28/hour extra seems like a lot to me. So I don’t think it’s worth it, personally. You may.

It’s good to have the option of a Priority Pass option in Philadelphia though, so that’s nice. If you have a Priority Pass, it definitely makes sense for you give the Minute Suites at Philadelphia Airport a try.

I’d much prefer a lounge, however. So we left after an hour and headed to the Centurion Lounge – great food and a nicer experience.

minute suites at philadelphia international airport sales area
Minute Suites sells a lot of relaxation-related stuff

Minute Suites at Philadelphia International Airport Information

There are almost no amenities offered in the Minute Suites. Here’s the rundown:

  • Bathroom/shower: None. Only the DFW location has a bathroom currently.
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is password protected and fast.
  • Medicines, etc: The focus of the Minute Suites at Philadelphia Airport is stress relief. At check in, you’ll notice that nearly the entire front desk is covered with stress relief medicines, as well as Advil, other headache medication, and more for sale.
  • Hours: The Minute Suites at Philadelphia International Airport are open 24 hours a day.
  • Irons: They have irons there if you need to borrow one to straighten out a shirt

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