I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) is the third busiest airport in Indonesia. Located on Bali, an island that is one of Indonesia’s major tourist destinations, DPS International Airport has just completed a much-needed renovation. It includes the Premier Lounge Bali and several other airport lounges. When we visited in mid 2017, the renovation progress had continued onto the domestic terminal.

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Bali flights bring in around 15-25 million annual visitors to Denpasar Airport. You can only imagine that the terminal is constantly busy. While waiting for your next flight, would you rather wait in the midst of the crowd, or would you prefer a serene place to eat and drink for free?

Thankfully, Bali’s Airport Lounge is within an easy reach, as are several other business class lounges, Premier Lounge is definitely a lounge to consider. Premier Lounge operates several VIP lounges across South East Asia, including Indonesia. You can read our Premier Lounge Jakarta Review at the Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Here’s our review of the Premier Lounge Bali:

Premier Lounge Bali entrance, with a typical Bali mask.

How to Get to the Premier Lounge Bali

Premier Lounge is in the International Terminal, which unfortunately is not accessible if you are flying domestically. To get to this executive lounge, you have to clear Indonesian Exit Immigration. Then, make your way to the Duty Free Shop Area. You can see the big sign for the Premier Lounge in the Mezzanine level, along with several other business lounges, including the Garuda Indonesia VIP lounge.

Premier Lounge Bali
Premier Lounge in Bali International Terminal, on the Mezzanine Level.

It’s worth mentioning that there is no grand escalator to get to the Mezzanine level; you have to climb up the stairs or use the tiny elevator (that barely fits four people). In other words, an over-sized wheelchair may have issues using this elevator.

How to Get Into the Bali Airport Lounge

There are several loyalty airport lounge access programs that allow you to use the Premier Lounge. Right before entering the main check-in lobby, there is a sign at the door, indicating which foreign airline passengers have access. The exception is Garuda Indonesia, which has its own elite airport lounge next door to this Priority Pass airport lounge

Some Bali Airport transfer passengers may also be invited to use the Premier Lounge – ask your flight information personnel for clarification.

Welcome to the main desk of the Premier Lounge!

If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, as we do, you can get a complimentary Priority Pass Lounges Access card. This includes access to Premier Lounge Bali. Remember to order this card from Chase in advance. As of 2017, this is the only Airport Lounge that accepts Priority Pass in the Bali International Airport, a great thing to include in your flight to Bali.

Typically, admission is valid only for the Priority Pass card holder, and I thought I needed to purchase an additional pass for my mom. However, to my delight, my mom’s admission was free with my membership.

Premier Lounge entrance into the main space

Premier Lounge Bali Layout

The main lounge is a large room with several seating options – standard sofas with coffee tables, group rounded chairs, and individual chairs. The rounded seating arrangement in the main space is cleverly integrated with the wood beams, which are themselves integrated in the wood and glass ceiling design.

The main interior space of the Premier Lounge

The main sofas are comfortable, and the high arm rest creates partitions to provide more privacy without intrusion. There are electrical outlets in almost every seat. They are useful universal outlets that can fit the majority of plugs for your electronic devices.

There are plenty universal outlets around the Premier Lounge Bali!

In the back section of the lounge, you’ll find a basic business center with chairs, desktop computers, printers, and a big-screen TV. There is also a conference room, which allows you the privacy to conduct a small meeting, if needed!

Worth mentioning for parents with small children is the daycare room. Moms can use it as a nursery, and it even has a cute small red horse!

Play room that can serve as a nursery

If you prefer an “outdoor” setting, relax in the series of chairs that are practically outside this executive lounge on the terrace, overlooking the main airport terminal space.

There is no smoking area in Premier Lounge Bali.

Food and Drink

Premier Lounge offers a wide variety of food from the main buffet table in the middle of the large waiting area. We visited mid-morning and. The selection included both a Western-style breakfast (fruit loops cereal, milk, yogurt, toast, croissant) as well as an Indonesian breakfast (Javanese style Nasi Goreng, or fried rice). They also offer a selection of fresh fruit. If you are not up for trying the snake fruit, more common selections, like apples and papaya, are also available.

While we were starting our breakfast, the staff happened to be shifting the food selections from breakfast to lunch mode. The selections ranged from smoked chicken and mini burgers to egg and tomato sandwiches.

Sandwich selection at the Premier Lounge Bali.

For those who need a “real meal” for lunch or dinner, and the buffet selections are not enough, go to the bar table to see what’s offered for the “Special of The Day.” You can order it from the attendant behind the bar. At the time we visited, the special was a famous Indonesian meatball soup. It included a noodle bowl with meatball, thick broth, fried shallots, and crispy wonton. Try the kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and hot sauce to really make it “Indonesian.”

Order the ‘Special of The Day’ directly from the bar.

The drink table offers several juice options as well as hot water and tea. There’s an espresso machine for your lattes or cappuccinos. There’s also a fridge for cold sodas, beer, and even Teh Kotak – a famous Indonesian sweet tea in a box.

The hot beverage bar, including espresso machine and tea selection.

Extra Amenities at the Premier Lounge Bali

  • Wi-Fi: the Premier Lounge offers free Wi-Fi. Ask for the password to access the Wi-Fi, which is quite fast.
  • A “Reflexology Therapy” or spa is available for an additional cost. Ask the person at the main check-in desk for details and appointments.
  • My only critique of this lounge is the bathroom. The main lounge is meticulously detailed and clean, but the bathroom seems neglected. One urinal was out-of-order and there is a small stall for shower. Ask an attendant for a clean towel.
  • If you have been to Bali, you know why I love the culture so much. Soothing Balinese music plays in the background throughout the lounge. It adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the place before your next flight.


My mother and I really enjoyed our transit time in this Bali airport lounge and we recommend you either use the lounge with your Priority Pass or add an airport lounge pass to your next Bali vacation packages! Remember though: leave plenty of time to get back to your gate!

Have you been to the Premier Lounge Bali? What was your experience like?

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