Serving the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta, Cengkareng International Airport (CGK) is the busiest airport in the country. Surprisingly, the number of amenities in the airport are few. There are only a handful options for executive lounges, one of them being the Premier Lounge Jakarta. Premier Lounge operates several VIP lounges across Indonesia. You can read our Premier Lounge Bali Review at the Denpasar Bali International Airport.

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While waiting for your next flight, would you rather wait in the midst of the crowd, or in a serene place while eating and drinking for free? Here’s our review of the Premier Lounge Jakarta Airport.

How to Get There

Premier Lounge Jakarta is located in the International Terminal, which unfortunately won’t be accessible if you are flying domestically. To get to this executive lounge, you have to clear Indonesian Exit Immigration and make your way to the right side of the airport. It is located across from another executive airport lounge, the Esplanade Lounge.

Premier Lounge Jakarta is located at the end of the International terminal

How to Get In

There are several loyalty airport lounge access programs that allow you to use the Premier Lounge. Before entering the check-in lobby, there is a sign at the door indicating which airlines give access to their premium and first-class passengers.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, as we do, you get a complimentary Priority Pass Lounge Access card. This includes access to Premier Lounge Jakarta, so remember to claim your free membership from Chase in advance. As of 2017, this is the only Airport Lounge that accepts the Priority Pass at Jakarta International Airport, a great thing to include in your flights to Jakarta, Indonesia.

You can purchase a day pass to access all of the business class airport lounges, including the Premier Lounge Jakarta. Just ask the main front desk for the daily rate.

The front desk of the Premier Lounge Jakarta Airport

Premier Lounge Jakarta Layout

The main airport lounge consists of several walls that define smaller spaces. The majority of the seating options are single upright sofa chairs, and there are a lot of them. Some are placed in a tight cafe-style arrangement. Others seem to be fitted into the space with a smaller personal space in mind.

Just like the overall Jakarta airport design, the interior finish of the lounge is slightly outdated. With the many marble counters and wood ceilings, it reminds you the peak of Jakarta development in the 1970s.

Typical seating at the Premier Lounge Jakarta.

There is a basic business area with desktop computers located in the back side of the Lounge. This is actually a great option to charge your electronics. You can use USB and, unlike anywhere else in the lounge, you can find an array of electrical outlets.

Business center with options to charge your electronics

A marble buffet-style food stand is located in the middle of the room. There are a few glass displays and tray tables for sweets and pastries. In a nearby corner, across from an espresso machine and tea stand, there’s a bar where you can get your cold drinks, including a limited number of alcoholic drinks. You must ask the attendant for drinks though. Drinks, including anything inside the glass cooler, are not self-serve.

Main buffet food area, with its imposing marble table

Food and Drink

I’m an Indonesian, so perhaps I am biased, but I think it’s difficult to find mediocre food in this country! And Premier Lounge is no different. The food is good.

Food – Premier Lounge offers a wide variety of food that at the main buffet table. In mid-morning when I visited, there are cold salads, cereal and milk, as well as typical Indonesian breakfast and lunch that consists of steamed rice, potatoes and a few protein options, like chicken and vegetables. There are a couple of dessert cases as well, with a limited selection of sweets and pastries.

Hot food bar options.

Drinks – The hot beverage corner offers hot water and tea bags, along with an espresso machine for your lattes and cappuccinos. There’s also a fridge with cold sodas, and even Teh Botol – a famous Indonesian sweet tea!

Alcoholic drinks – If you get here before noon, you’ll be disappointed. The “Five O’clock Somewhere” rule does not apply here! That said, beer and other alcoholic beverages are available when the clock strikes noon.

No alcoholic drink before noon!

Jakarta Lounge Amenities

  • Wi-Fi: Premier Lounge offers free Wi-Fi, which is quite fast. Ask for the password to access it.
  • Electrical Outlets: Very limited. I saw a few located out of reach of the seating area. I opted to sit in the business center table to charge my phone using the USB port in one of the computers.
  • Reflexology Foot Massage and Back Massage: Available at an additional cost. Ask at check in for details and appointments. The posted rate is IDR 80,000 per 30 minutes, or about $6. Only Indonesian Rupiahs are accepted!
  • Showers: They only have one shower stall and it doesn’t seem to be checked very often. It was a very muggy and humid room, and the steam from the shower didn’t get exhausted out of the room. I noticed mildew buildup in some places. Generic shampoo bottles are scattered around the shower stall. Ask an attendant for a clean towel.
An underwhelming shower space inside the lounge.

Although there are several aspects of the Premier Lounge that come up short of expectations, especially after the previous visit to its Bali sister lounge, I suspect that they are due for an update very soon. Nonetheless, for me, it was a huge help to refresh before my long flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka!

If you want access to this lounge, get a Priority Pass today and walk right in!

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Premier Lounge Jakarta

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