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Heading to a particular location and looking for a place to stay that matches your budget? There are several options for you if you need to save money. And there are other options when you just want to be pampered! You’ll find reviews of many of the places we’ve stayed right here – from budget hostels and hotels, to the occasional luxury property.

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Airport Lounges

Let’s face it – one of the most stressful times during traveling is waiting for your departure time at the airport. Foot traffic, frequent public announcements, and uncomfortable chairs are no longer something you have to deal with – join us waiting at the airport lounge!

We have several memberships to airport lounges, and our mission is to provide you with some options on how to get to these lounges. And of course, why you should be accessing these lounges!

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Scuba Liveaboards

We love diving so much, so that we try to take liveaboard trips whenever possible and when our budget allows it. If you are a diver who has never done a liveaboard, then you really should. It’s the ultimate way to dive. Trips can be anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks or more. On those trips, you can do 3-5 dives a day. Eat. Sleep. Dive. That’s the rule!

For us, the best part of a liveaboard is that everything is taken care of – you set your equipment up once and that’s it. All your food is provided, and on some boats, even drinks are included. You’ll meet amazing people, have great food and, most importantly, you’ll dive a lot and see amazing things!

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