We’re a couple of guys who, even in our late 30s and 40s, still prefer hostels to hotels.  That said, we’ll stay in some pretty nice places if the opportunity arises. Aside from those rare occasions though, we’d choose a 4-bed dorm in a nice hostel any day because we feel the experience is better when you interact with lots of people. And if we really want an intimate experience, we’ll use Couchsurfing. We have a whole section dedicated to that which you should read.

Most hostels are staffed by people who know the area very well and know you’re on a budget. Hostels usually have bulletin boards with activities that are happening in the area. Some even include information about ways to save money.

Most hostels will have event boards like this

The people

Another reason we like hostels: we just love the types of people who stay there. Most times, you meet people with the same goals as you who’ve already been in your chosen city for a week. They’re eager to tell you what worked, what didn’t, and how they’d have done it differently if they had a do-over. This is valuable and will make your experience worthwhile.


This is not true everywhere, of course, but most of the hostels we’ve stayed at include a free breakfast – usually coffee, tea, local fruit, cereals, and breads.

Porto, Portugal. Hostels often have full kitchens
Porto, Portugal. Our kitchen.

Many also have a fully equipped kitchen. Go to the supermarket, buy a few day’s worth of good food, and cook your own meals. That can be a tremendous savings, and it’s often nice to share meals and cook your favorite dishes for others you meet.


What you’ll find here

On this page, you’ll mostly find hostel reviews and reviews for inexpensive hotels we found where hostels were not available. But you’ll also find reviews for an occasional luxury property. Sometimes, we need “a vacation from our vacation” and want to pamper ourselves a little bit. Not often. But sometimes the mood strikes us!

By the way, we normally book our hostels at Booking.com. If you use that link to book your accommodations, we’ll make a little money at no cost to you. It helps us keep this place running, and we really would appreciate your support.

Hotel & Hostel Reviews

North America

Downtown DC Hostel – Washington, DC
Sweet Peas Hostel – Asheville, North Carolina

South America

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Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore
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Six Degrees Backpackers Hostel – Jakarta, Indonesia
Edelweiss Boutique Hotel – Bali, Indonesia
D’City Hotel – Dili, East Timor
Flute Boutique Hotel – Jaipur, India
LVIS Boutique Hotel – Male, Maldives

Middle East

Setareh Hotel – Isfahan, Iran
Rose Hotel – Yazd, Iran
Hotel Eram – Shiraz, Iran
Fardis Hotel – Tehran, Iran

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