The Rose Hotel Yazd is a charming traditional Iranian hotel nestled in an alley in the middle of the city. Although it was quite comfortable for me, the people I was traveling with had a different experience, as their heater didn’t work.

Rose hotel Yazd - The sign outside
The sign outside

My room was nice, and seemed more like a regular master bedroom at home than it did a hotel room. Most of the rooms are quite small, however, and mine was much larger than you should expect. I never saw a receipt for the room. However, my understanding is that it was quite reasonably priced at around $60-70 per night and that the rates are negotiable.

Rose hotel Yazd - My bedroom
My bedroom

Each of the rooms in this hotel face a central courtyard. The courtyard serves as the dining room and an area to congregate, drink tea, and converse with fellow guests. There didn’t seem to be many guests while we were there, but this may have been due to the time of year – March. The hotel is very nice and it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re there.

Breakfast is included

Breakfast is free. It includes eggs (to order), tomatoes and cucumber, tea, juices, Iranian bread, and various spreads. Although there was no coffee available, I’ve seen other reviewers who say it was available to them. I suspect I just missed it.

Rose hotel Yazd - Rose hotel courtyard
Rose hotel courtyard
Rose Hotel Yazd location

The Rose Hotel Yazd is located in the center of town and within walking distance of many of the tourist sites in the city. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops in the area, as well as a grocery store. Even if you don’t wish to shop, the area is nice for walking and it is very safe to do so, even at night.

Rose hotel Yazd - Fancy fireplace in the room
Fancy fireplace in the room

The Rose Hotel does have Wi-Fi. Because my room was farther away from the central courtyard I found that it didn’t work well there. It was fairly fast. My travel companions said the Wi-Fi worked well in their room. I didn’t have to pay for Internet access, but you are limited to about 100MB per session. When that is used up, you must see the front desk attendant for a new code. It’s a bit of a pain to always have to do this, but I guess it keeps their costs under control. I was here for a couple of nights and never had an issue receiving a code whenever I wanted it.

Rose hotel Yazd - A skylight in the room was a nice touch
A skylight in the room was a nice touch
Rose Hotel Staff

I sometimes feel like I can just add this section as a template to every Iran post I write. The staff at the Rose Hotel were super friendly and always helpful. Even late at night, there was always someone there to take care of anything you needed. When the heater broke down in my friends’ room, they were moved immediately without issue. When I wanted a new Internet code, I got it fast. If only I asked for coffee in the morning, I would likely have got that as well instead of tea!

If you’re going to visit Yazd while you’re in Iran, put the Rose Hotel on your list. You’ll be comfortable here at this clean, cozy, friendly, traditional hotel.

Smoking in Hotels in Iran

One downside that I discovered with all the hotels in Iran I stayed in was that smoking is allowed. There is always an ashtray in your room and you can smell the smoke. These rooms were all booked for me by an agency, so I really didn’t have a choice where I stayed. If you have any issues with smoke sensitivity, tell your tour operator and ask to be booked in a smoke-free room, if available.

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