When you first walk into the Setareh Hotel Isfahan, you will think you’re in a 4-5 star hotel somewhere in the west. A doorman opens the door for you, there is marble everywhere, the plush seats in the lobby are super comfortable. It really does look like a grand hotel, even though it is only considered to be three-stars.

Setareh Hotel Isfahan - You're greeted with tea and a rose
You’re greeted with tea and a rose

Not only that, but someone will bring you tea and, oddly, a rose to welcome you to the hotel as you check in. While I was in Iran, this was definitely the classiest of all the accommodations I used and I enjoyed it very much – even if it was only for a couple of nights.

Setareh Hotel Rooms

Setarah Hotel Isfahan room with a clean bed and shelves
A nice, clean room with a comfortable bed

As was the case with every single place I stayed in Iran, the first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was that there was an ashtray. BUT… the room didn’t smell like smoke. At least not to me, although that could be because one of my tour mates smoked all the time and I was becoming accustomed to it. 🙂

Still, you’d have to do a thorough cleaning to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, and I felt good knowing that was probably the case.

The Setareh Hotel Isfahan even provides flip flops!
A mat and flip-flops outside the bathroom

The room was very clean. No dust here. The beds were very comfortable. And the air conditioner worked. I even had my choice of many channels if I decided to watch television. Of course, like everywhere, there was nothing in English – nothing I could find anyway that wasn’t Iranian. I couldn’t even find anything in Spanish or French. At least I would understand some of it. My Farsi is… lacking.

The bathroom at the Setareh Hotel Isfahan was clean with plain blue tiles
Setarah Hotel Isfahan bathroom

Setareh Hotel food

While I did enjoy better food in Iran at some of the local stalls and restaurants, the breakfasts provided here were the best of any hotel I stayed at. And to be honest, the other hotels’ food was generally pretty good. But there was a touch of class to it here. In other hotels and guesthouses, things were just laid out – grab what you want. At the Setareh hotel in Isfahan, it was “presented.”

Setareh Hotel Isfahan - buffet items set up with labels detailing the ingredients
The food was all well-labelled

I didn’t have to wonder what was in anything. It was all written out on the cards in front of each item.

Setareh Hotel Isfahan - Various coffee, tea, and juices were available on the buffet
Various coffee, tea, and juices were available

There was an excellent selection of things to drink. No mimosas here though! Lots of juices, coffee, tea, and milk.

Setareh Hotel Isfahan - lots of condiments available at the buffet table
The buffet had lots of condiments

And it was good. Care was put into making it. Care was put into making sure it was all fresh and not sitting there getting cold. Plates with nice flatware. Etc. It was clear to me that they valued their guests’ dining experiences.

I also ate dinner here, and I can say that, with the exception of the dinner I had at Hotel Dad (an upscale hotel in Yazd), these were the best meals I had at Iranian hotels.

Setareh Hotel Isfahan - The restaurant are was very nice and comfortable.
The restaurant are was very nice and comfortable.

Like all breakfasts I had while in Iran, this was a serve yourself deal. Get whatever you want from the buffet and take it back to your table to eat. You can have as much as you want. If you’re a small breakfast eater, that’s fine. If you want the full Iranian breakfast dining experience, that’s here too.

The breads are awesome, as they always are!

Setareh Hotel Isfahan staff

As was almost always the case throughout Iran, the staff at Setareh Hotel Isfahan is incredible and always willing to help. Whether you are simply walking past the front desk or getting food at the restaurant, someone will always greet you kindly. If you look lost or confused, someone will immediately offer to help you. They really seem to care about leaving a positive impression at this hotel in Isfahan. And everyone is smiling – always.

Setareh Hotel Isfahan - Reception area with lots of marble and decoration
Reception area

Now, Iran is a friendly country and people always seem to be friendly and happy, but not like this. My impression was that the people at Setareh Hotel in Isfahan really liked their jobs and really wanted to help me. It was great.

If I am being completely honest, having a smiling staff member stop and chat with me was the best part of staying here.

Setarah Hotel Isfahan gives you a copy of the Quran
Every guest gets a copy of the Holy Quran in English and Farsi.

In Iran, ever hotel room has an arrow on the ceiling pointing in the direction of Mecca . This one did, too. It was the only hotel, however, where I noticed a Quran sitting prominently on the shelf. In English and Farsi.


You’ll be happy to know that the Setareh Hotel Isfahan is located quite close to the impressive Naqsh-e Jahan square. This is where most people want to go when they are in Isfahan, so know that it’s only a few minutes walk from this hotel. There are also a lot of places to eat, get coffee and tea, and shop between the square and the hotel.

Setareh Hotel Isfahan Quick Facts

This is a very nice hotel with a great staff and great food. It is in a great location which, like nearly all of Iran, is quite safe for tourists. Because it was paid for in advance by my tour company, I did not receive a bill and there were no prices listed anywhere in the hotel. However, looking at prices online, it appears that it costs around $95 US per night, so expect to pay around this much.

Setareh Hotel Isfahan
(Try booking here, but we cannot vouch for the site)
Hafez St., Naghseh-Jahan Sq.
Isfahan, Iran

Read more about Iran before you go, especially if you’re an American or Canadian, because different rules apply to you.

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