Budapest Ferihegy International Airport is the major hub for Hungarian travelers. Although it is significantly smaller than any of Europe’s major airports, Ferihegy Airport still has some great flight connections to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. There are a few first class airport lounges, and here’s the review of one of them, the Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport.

Although it is quite small for a busy major airport, Budapest International Airport consists of two terminals. Terminal 1 permanently closed after MALÉV Hungarian Airlines declared bankruptcy in 2012. You will most likely fly out of Terminal 2 Budapest Airport.

skycourt lounge budapest airport hallway
Hallway from the Skycourt Lounge entrance

Terminal 2 Budapest Airport has three major components within its area: Terminal 2A, Terminal 2B, and the Skycourt Terminal. The Skycourt serves as a connection between the 2A and 2B, where you can find many restaurants, souvenir stores, duty free shops, and airport lounges.

Terminal 2A is mainly domestic (i.e.,  flights within the Schengen area).

Terminal 2B is the international terminal to leave the Schengen area, such as Ukraine and the United Kingdom destinations.

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Budapest International Airport has three executive lounges within the Priority Pass network. All of these are located airside after passing airport security.

Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport access

Priority Pass, Lounge Buddy, and other lounge memberships are honored here. There is a sign at the front desk that shows you what networks and airlines can access the lounge.

Priority Pass covers all the airport lounges inside Budapest Airport, including the Menzies Aviation Lounge, which I also visited.

If you don’t have an airport lounge membership, you can purchase a daily pass to Skycourt for 9600 Hungarian Forith, or about $35 USD. Keep in mind that you can only pay this fee with credit or debit cards.

skycourt lounge budapest airport seating
Seating inside the Skycourt Lounge Budapest

Checking in

When I was there, they had two staff members at the main desk, allowing the process to move quickly and efficiently. Upon arriving, I had to present them my physical Priority Pass card so they could run it through one of those old-style credit card machines. I signed it and I was in.

The Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport hours are daily from 5 AM to 9 PM. It’s open seven days a week.

skycourt lounge budapest airport tea list
The Tea List


The Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport main area is separated by walls to create smaller rooms throughout the lounge. Each of these rooms has different seating options, so you’ll be comfortable in the one you choose.

All rooms have sofas. There are also café style tables and chairs, as well as work stations with two computers that you can use. These chairs are comfortable, and well taken care of.

During the non-busy hours, you can also lay down in some of these seats!

skycourt lounge budapest airport seating
Seating inside the Skycourt Lounge Budapest

Food and Drink

There is a wide selection of food and drink here. Everything is self-serve, including the alcohol section. You cannot take any food or beverages out of the lounge.

It was a mid-afternoon when I was in the Skycourt Lounge. They had a bite size meats, cheese, and crackers for snacks. There is an option for lactose-free cheese.

skycourt lounge budapest airport food
Food option at the Skycourt Lounge Budapest

My favorite part was their soup section, which had different types of soup in the soup cauldron. As written in the wall, a muesli selection is offered for breakfast, while the vegetable soup will be available the rest of the day.

I had the mushroom soup and it was delicious – a great option for vegetarians.

Hot drinks are available from the espresso machine. Everything from lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, to hot water from their good selection of teas.

There is a small cooler next to the coffee machine where they keep the cold milk and cream.

For cold drink, you’ll find sparkling and still water, common Coca Cola products, orange juice, and other juices. The wine and spirit corner has a limited choice of liquor and a small bucket of ice.

You can also have red and white wine, as well as beer.

skycourt lounge budapest airport cooler
Wine and Spirits Corner at the Skycourt Lounge Budapest

Amenities at the Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport


There is a password protected wifi at the lounge and it works fine.

Mobile charger

You can charge your cell phones at the charging station. These lockers can be secured for your safety while you are enjoying the lounge. Standard charger cords are provided and installed inside each locker for your use.


The MGH – the Malev Ground Handling – offers a selection of newspapers and magazines inside the Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport. Unfortunately the majority of these publications are in Hungarian, although there were a few in English.

skycourt lounge budapest airport magazine
Newspaper and magazine options
Full service meals

Skycourt Lounge offers a full service meal for additional fee, if you prefer a more filling meal option. Any of these orders can be made at the front desk, where you can find the menu of meals of the day.

Business station

There are two computers that guests can use inside the Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport. They are connected to a printer, which you can also use to make copies and scan. Ask the lounge staff for assistance.


There were plenty of televisions throughout the lounge, and each of them were displaying international news stations in English. There are also flight information screens which displayed updated flight information and gate, including whether you need to proceed to your gate.

Keep in mind that you should add some time if you need to go through Schengen immigration to fly out onto non-Schengen destinations, including the U.K. and Ukraine.

skycourt lounge budapest airport coffee
Coffee and hot beverages options

Things to consider

It’s worth noting that the Skycourt Lounge Budapest Airport is located in the Schengen airside area. This means that if you are flying to a non- Schengen destination, including the U.K., you extra time to get to your gate at Terminal 2B.

You have to go through the Emigration to get your passport stamp. It wasn’t busy when I went through; however, that’s not a guarantee, so consider your time.

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