Asheville, North Carolina is famous for its laid-back atmosphere. It’s also home to the world-famous Biltmore Estate, the largest private home in America. There is a thriving community of micro-breweries, as well as outdoor nature and backpacking community. This is one of the bases for Blue Ridge Mountain hiking and expedition. One option for a budget place to stay in the city center is the Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville.

Sweet Peas Hostel is strategically located in Asheville’s City center. It is within walking distance to many great restaurants, shops and establishments all around the city center, like the Pinball Museum and the Basilica of Saint Lawrence.

If you are looking for ideas on what you can do in Asheville and its surrounding, read The Wanderlust Dietitian’s great post on Asheville, North Carolina: Dogs, Beer, Food, & Hiking!

Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville located in Asheville city center.
Sweet Peas Hostel on the second floor, located in the Asheville city center.
Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville Booking Process

You must book your bed, pod or room directly with them on their official website here. Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville is not part of the popular Hostel International community or Their website is easy to navigate, and the booking process is pretty straight forward. Just enter your credit card number to reserve a space. The actual payment happens when you arrive at the hostel to check in. Be mindful that you can only cancel your reservation within a specific time frame. You may have to contact them via email or call if you can’t do it online. Their contact information is at the bottom of this page, as well as at their official webpage.

Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - front desk
An inviting front desk!
Accommodation Options

Sweet Peas Hostel offers four types of accommodation. The prices are subject to change, and can be confirmed when you make your reservation online. You won’t be able to secure a spot online if it is already sold out.

  • 16 Bunk Beds ($32) – mixed co-ed
  • 24 Pods ($40) – mixed co-ed
  • 2 Small Private Rooms ($75)
  • 1  Studio Room ($105)
Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - private room
A private room at Sweet Peas Hostel
Sweet Peas Hostel Layout

Sweet Peas Hostel occupies the second floor of a corner lot in downtown Asheville, above a well-established Lexington Ave Brewery on the first level. The building used to be a warehouse, and has been retrofitted into a big space for a new use – the brew pub below, Sweet Peas Hostel, and residential above. Old bricks and a steel design gives the hostel atmosphere an industrial interior style.

The entire hostel is basically an open studio space with partition walls – that is, no doors or full height walls to separate spaces in the whole hostel. The exceptions are the bathrooms, small private rooms, and the studio room.

As you walk in from the main check in desk, the pods are on the right of the room, with the bunk beds to the left. In the middle space, the cozy living quarters, dining room, and kitchen are pretty standard and there is enough space for multiple guests.

Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - common area
The common area. To the right, pods; to the left, bunk beds.

Bathrooms and showers are located adjacent to the main desk in the front part of the hostel.

The hostel’s living room is spacious and cozy. You can find a lot to read here, including tourist guide books and binders full of information on things to do in Asheville. Some of these tours can be arranged by the hostel.

Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - living room
The cozy living room
The Pod Review

Upon learning that Sweet Peas Hostel offers the pod option, I booked one right away. I was hoping that their pod was similar to the unique Japanese capsule hotel I stayed at in Tokyo. But of course it was a different kind of pod. Still, it is unusual to see them at a hostel.

Sweet Peas Hostel is proud to offer this unique option. According to their Web site, “A “Pod” is an extra long twin bed, reminiscent of train car sleepers”. There is a big locker in each pod for your bags, as well as a thick curtain for privacy. Inside the pod, you can find shelving units for your belongings, as well as electronic outlets and reading lights.

Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - pod
Inside my pod.

It is truly a luxury to have a sturdy bed, as well as spacious and absolute privacy while staying in your pod. These pods are perfect for tall guests – you don’t have to worry to have your feet hanging off the edge like you do on many dorm beds.

There are three groups of eight pods. Keep in mind that the top pods open to the ceiling of the hostel, allowing some light to pass through. So plan accordingly, as you may need a sleeping mask.

Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - pod layout
Hostel Pod sleeping arrangement
  • Location: Party area. Sweet Peas Hostel location is smack in the middle of the night life scene of Asheville. It is a great location if you are planning on going out and enjoying the nightlife Asheville offers. That said, if you are planning on staying here during summer weekends, the noise from surrounding streets and the brewery downstairs will keep you up well past midnight. Upon checking in, a jar of earplugs is available for guests to use. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair.
Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - earplug jar
Earplugs provided at the hostel main desk. Use them wisely!
  • Quiet hours. Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville has a quiet hours policy, which runs from midnight to 8am. All lights in the main public space will be turned off. However, there is no curfew. Upon checking in, you are given a magnetic access card that allows you to get into the hostel without having to buzz in or to be stranded outside. Just don’t bring anybody that doesn’t belong inside the hostel with you – security cameras are everywhere in the public area, including the entrance.
  • Free Wi-Fi and charging/connectivity. Their Wi-Fi has a good range everywhere within the hostel, including while in bed. There are plenty of outlets throughout the hostel, as they understand that modern backpackers have a lot of electronics. Each pod has its own outlet to charge your electronics safely throughout the night!
  • Towels/sheets and toiletries. Clean (and soft!) body towels and wash cloths, as well as pillows and sheets/blankets are provided. If you forget to bring any toiletries, they are available for purchase at the front desk. When checking out, put any dirty laundry inside a provided cloth bag. Leave clean linens out on the counter for reuse.
Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - bunk beds
Bunk bed option at the Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville
  • Alcohol policy. Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville does not allow any alcohol or drugs on the premises.
  • Laundry. There are a few coin-operated washing machines and dryers for personal use.
  • Parking. Asheville is unfortunately not a backpacker friendly city when it comes to public transportation. Many visitors travel using private or rental cars. Sweet Peas Hostel unfortunately does not offer free parking for guests, so you need to use one of the two adjacent parking garages. The Rankin Avenue Garage and Civic Center Garage charge the same rate. Overnight parking will cost you $10. Keep your parking ticket with you. If you lose it, you must pay $20. Any parking for more than 14 days may be considered abandonment.
Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville - parking garage
Parking next door to the main entrance of the Hostel
Information at a glance

Sweet Peas Hostel

23 Rankin Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

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Sweet Peas Hostel Asheville

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