Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has been crowned the world’s busiest airport for passenger traffic every year since 1998. Each year, more than 100 million passengers land and pass through its 200 plus gates to either transit or navigate the airport’s miles and miles of concourses and rail lines on their way home. Delta Airlines has the lion’s share of lounges in the airport, which mainly serve Delta’s passengers. You can find at least one Delta SkyClub in every concourse. However, The Club at ATL is one of the most sought-after airport lounges for the many passenger who are not flying with Delta.

Getting To The Lounge at ATL

The Club at ATL
Front desk

The Club at ATL is located in International Terminal F. From the Domestic Terminal, the “Plane Train” connects every terminal at the airport. As soon as you arrive at Terminal F, proceed to the main level, then follow the sign to direct you to Airport Lounges on the Mezzanine floor. That’s where you’ll find The Club at ATL.

Remember to give yourself lots of time to get back to your gate. If you’re not flying out of the International Terminal, you’ll need to hop back on the train and continue on to your departing gate.

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How to Get In

There are several loyalty programs that allow you to use the lounge. For example, Qatar Airlines gives complimentary lounge access for its International Business and First Class passengers on its Atlanta to Doha route.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, as we do, you can get a complimentary Priority Pass Lounge Access card. This includes access to The Club at ATL. Remember to order this card from Chase in advance. As of 2017, this is the only Airport Lounge that accepts the Priority Pass in the Atlanta airport.

The Club at ATL
Several Airport Lounge Memberships are accepted

The Club at ATL Layout

The Club at ATL is not a big place, but it offers many seating arrangements – you can sit at the bar, a high-top table, low table, as well as individual chairs and sofas.

The Club at ATL
Seating arrangement inside the Club at ATL

As soon as you check in, the pathway opens up to the main part of the lounge, and you can see the bar as the main focal point of the space. A low wall separates the bar from individual sofas in the middle of the room, which is equipped with many electrical outlets. In front of the big windows, you’ll find a row of chairs facing the busy tarmac below. Those big windows fill the lounge with lots of natural light.

The main food table is located at the end of the room, next to the hot beverage/espresso machine and the water & soda refrigerator. There are several other food tables throughout different areas of the lounge.

The Club at ATL
A secondary snack table

The Club at ATL also provides a business area where travelers can plug in their laptops at a workstation. This is separated from the lounge main space for a quieter, more private experience.

The Club at ATL
Business Center and Workstations

Food and Drink

The major draw of any airport lounge is, of course, the food and drink. Don’t expect to have a full meal here. They serve different courses throughout the day, but only small portions, like most lounges. There is plenty of coffee, water, sodas, and juices throughout the lounge. You can go to at least two stations inside the lounge to get to any of these.

The Club at ATL
Soda and coffee machines

Snacks such as chips and trail-mix and fruit are also available.

There is a fully equipped bar with complimentary alcohol such as beer, wine, and some common drinks. You can also purchase some of the higher end liquor here. The bar does not have beer on tap. It’s all bottles.

The Club at ATL
Selection of liquor at the bar

Amenities in The Club at ATL

The Club at ATL has other typical airport lounge amenities:

  • My biggest draw to this lounge is the shower facility, which can be extremely helpful to freshen up right before your 14-hour long trans-Pacific flight! To use it, you will have to sign up at the front desk. They will call you once the shower is ready.
  • Free Wi-Fi. Who doesn’t want free Wi-Fi while waiting for a flight?
  • Telephones and Work Station/Business Center – if you are one of those busy people.
  • Newspaper and magazines. I read the funnies!
  • TVs are located at several locations inside the lounge, but the TV at the bar is solely for sports – NFL games on Fall Sundays are always a must-watch.
The Club at ATL
The Shower Facility at The Club at ATL

The Club at ATL is a great part of the Priority Pass program and it can be crowded throughout the day. This is especially true in the evening hours right before many international flights are departing. Nonetheless, it definitely beats waiting for several hours at your crowded gate with fellow passengers. Even better, you don’t have to pay for that overpriced airport food and drink in the food court.

The Club at ATL
Sandwich selection

The staff is friendly. Although at busy times, you’ll sometimes have to be patient for table cleaning and for food to be restocked.

Want to visit this lounge when you transit through Atlanta? Get a Priority Pass today and walk right in!

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6 thoughts on “The Club at ATL: Atlanta Airport Lounge

  1. I love my priority pass. It’s such a life saver when I’m not flying star alliance and have my gold elite status. This looks like a great place to hang and wait for a flight.

    1. Yep! We love our Priority Passes as well. We normally fly Delta and use their lounges, but the PP lounges are generally pretty nice (when they’re not packed!)

  2. That bathroom looks amazing, almost like something at a hotel! The workstation would’ve come in handy during my most recent flight the other day (I was working on a blog post while I was waiting for boarding, but the “charging station” area was pretty busy and noisy).

  3. We were in ATL recently but did not have enough time to get to the club. We have the priority pass from Chase as well but haven’t had a chance to use it just yet. We have only ever been in one lounge before and that was in Dallas. I don’t think the food and drink were free. This is incredible. Thank you for the information.

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