Should you register with your embassy or consulate while traveling? In this article, we’ll show you how to register with your embassy or consulate while you’re abroad. We always recommend travel registration, especially if you’re in a country that is politically or socially unstable. But even in countries that are quite stable, registering with your embassy or consulate can be a good idea. It means your government knows you’re there and can more easily help you if you get in trouble and need help.

What is Travel Registration?

Travel Registration is a free service provided by a specific country to its citizens who are living or traveling (usually for an extended period) in a foreign country. You can do it either online for a lot of countries, but also by visiting the embassy of a foreign citizen.

What is the purpose of these programs?

It is to build an emergency contact database so that they can contact you if an emergency arises, such as natural disaster or civil unrest, and provide you with assistance.

Why should you register?

The majority of travel registration programs are not mandatory. They are intended by countries to help their citizens abroad. And since it is a free service, it’s something to consider doing for your own good. Nobody can predict what will happen, so it is always wise to be prepared, just in case.

US Passport text on Travel Registration
US Passport text on Traveler Registration


The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) can be completed online here. You must create a profile with your information. When you do, you can get any travel alerts or warnings based on your specific needs.

STEP provides assistance to US Citizens only; however anyone can create a profile and receive alerts and updates.

travel registration- USA Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
USA’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

Canada: ROCA

The Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA) Web site is here.

travel registration- Registration of Canadians Abroad
Registration Of Canadians Abroad program

Travel Registration for Australian, Israeli, and Jamaican Citizens (ROCA)

Under an agreement between Canada and these countries, ROCA also registers the citizens of Australia, Israel (West Bank and Gaza), and Jamaica in some particular regions.  See here for the complete listing, as well as updates.

Indonesia: Lapor Diri

Unlike the US or Canadian Travel Registration Program, the Indonesian ‘Lapor Diri’ (Self Reporting) is a compulsory program for its citizens who live abroad. Indonesian law dictates that every citizen reports and retains his or her citizenship every five years or less (which also happens to equal the validity of a passport). Otherwise, you can lose your Indonesian Citizenship and become stateless.

There is no online application service for this registration. Citizens must apply either in person or send the completed application, photos, and passport to the Consul General or Embassy or the jurisdiction in which they live.

Indonesian citizens are also encouraged to register when visiting a foreign country. You don’t need an appointment, and you’ll get a full-page stamp on the back of your passport!

travel registration- INdonesia
Lapor Diri markings from different Indonesian Embassies and Consulates

Australia: Smartraveller Program

Although not as intensive as the US or Canadian travel registration programs, Australian Citizens can create an online profile and register their trips abroad with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). They’ll get an email subscription to travel warning updates for certain parts of the world.

New Zealand: Safetravel Registration

The Official Registration site for New Zealanders living and traveling overseas, called Safetravel Registration, is here. Check with your Embassies and representatives abroad for the travel registration programs that you can enroll in.

Does your country have a specific travel registration program? If so, and if they are not mentioned above, please let us know so we can add it to our list!


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  1. I had never thought of travel registration until now honestly and good to know the rules in various countries and the benefits of enrolling. Better to be safe!

  2. Never considered travel registration before but now I feel it is very much needed so that you can get quick help during emergencies from respective embassies. I need to look at what provision does India provides in the form of travel registration. Really an eye-opener for all the avid travellers and expats, thanks for sharing the post :).

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